Switching flash players on OS X

Jan 8, 2006

I wrote the following shell script a while back for use with TextMate as part of my build process. TextMate’s great as it easily allows you to bind scripts to custom commands (and key combinations). However you’d easily be able to adapt it to your set up. It will allow you to cleanly change all the flash players available for OS X, as well as being able to Uninstall the player, and optionally restart open browsers (FireFox and Safari) afterwards. You’ll need to download the players, install and move the files into archived folders the contents of which the script will copy to the default internet plug-ins folder. It shouldn’t be too difficult to work out how this happens and alter the script for your needs. Download the script here To install the FP 7.0.14 without restarting any open broswers: changePlayer.sh 7.0.14 false To uninstall the flash player: changePlayer.sh uninstall_flash_player To install FP 6.0.49, restarting open browsers: changePlayer.sh 6.0.49 If there’s anyone out there using TextMate and would like a the above wrapped up in a bundle then please email me and I’ll send a copy over.