HelvectorLight Theme

Dec 23, 2007

I’ve just updated the ActionScript 3 Bundle to include an ASDoc language definition. This is essentially a scope change of Luke Daley’s JavaDoc language definition. The result is that the following scopes within the documentation blocks are brought under new colour jurisdictions. keyword.other entity.name.tag punctuation.definition.tag For me, using my favourite theme - Twilight - the extra colour where I was so used to seeing grey wasn’t working. To combat it, and get things greyscale again, I added 3 new theme elements and applied them to the following scopes: comment.block.documentation keyword.other comment.block.documentation entity.name.tag comment.block.documentation punctuation.definition.tag The results are the HelvectorLight.tmTheme which calms things down again. Download


Simon - May 2, 2008

Arlo - for me the package path is coloured when using the ActionScript 3 language definition. When I switched to the ActionScript language definition it went white, so could you confirm that you are in the right scope?

Arlo - Apr 4, 2008

Hi Simon- Might you know how to color the package path? IE: package com.something.anotherthing { ? I hate seeing it in white after the package keyword. Thanks.