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January 20th, 2007

How do you get subversion to ingnore certain files? It can be done globally or on a per directory basis.

For global ignores find your subversion config file. For me this was here ~/.subversion/config then edit the following line, here I’ve added *.tmproj to ignore any file which ends with .tmproj (the * being a reg exp for any prefix).

global-ignores = .o *.lo *.la ## .*.rej *.tmproj

To ingnore files on a per directory basis cd to the directory in question and use the following.

svn propset svn:ignore "*.cache" .

This will apply the ignore to the file or files specifed by the pattern. In this case all files ending with .cache. The trialing . applies the ignore to the current directory, but can be the path to any subversion directory. The command above creates a .svn/dir-props file with the following contents in the specified directory.

K 10 svn:ignore V 8 *.cache


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